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I did this fix and it worked but once updated to macOS Catalina, my MBP (Late 2013)  freezes/shuts down after a 3-5 minutes when not connected to an external display.

Does anyone have a suggestion to adjust this fix to work with Catalina?

'''''Update (09/25/2018)'''''

''Here is a way to workaround that broken ThunderBolt chip: Simply turn off the ThunderBolt chip/ports (you can likely live with that):. Steps:''

# ''Disable SIP and reboot''
# ''Open terminal and enter:''

''sudo mv /System/Library/Extensions/AppleThunderboltNHI.kext /System/Library/Extensions/AppleThunderboltNHI.kext.BAK''

''Voila. Afterwards you may want to turn SIP on again (‘csrutil enable’)''