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Hi, I am having a similar problem with my Samsung series 7 4K TV. However something is very strange.

The Samsung TV is recognizing with no issues  HDMI cablesa from a nintendo and from an PC windows 10 (old PC with basic Graphic Card).  directely connected to TVor via the Denon AV receiver there are no issues.

I have another PC( a GAME PC) with Windows 7 that I used to connect to the Denon or to other TVs or PC screens and I never had an issue. however….this time when I connect this PC, the Samsung is recognizing the HDMI( it knows something is connected) but the screen is showing NO SIGNAL and it states to turn on the device ( which it is ON). Also If I use the Denon , the TV still not Showing no signal for this PC. I  plugged the different devised to all kind of ports to see if that wqas the problem but the only device I cannot get the video is the game PC

Another info the Game PC has a output( on Graphic Card EVGA Gforce GTX 260) DVI-I and input ( to the TV) HDMI, but this should not create an issue as we are talking of a video signal that should work. Never had a problem in other Smart TV’s.

Thank you for your help

ps= I also tried the 10 min options in previous posts