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Eddie, this particular series has its fair share of problems. For example, there is the dreaded BIOS F39 issue which cause absolute failure and is a firmware issue that, most of the time, will require motherboard replacement. Then there is the overheating issue. The design of the laptop delivers poor ventilation and causes the computer to overheat. You can try something similar to a hard reset. This is simply to remove power from the laptop. Remove the Battery. With all removed from the laptop...hold the power button down for one minute. Then release the power button. Plug in the battery first...then the power cord. Try powering the unit up again. This reset will not do anything but do a Hard reset on the machine. If none of that works, It might just be time to further investigate and to open the laptop up. you definitely want to clean it of all corrosion and especially dust in the vents and around the fan. Make sure that the fan works since a bad fan can cause this error as well. I do hope this helps and at least gets you started. Good Luck

The service manual is [|available here].