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As a person myself Interested in Electronics & in Recording, and a DIYer, plus Conservative, I've been looking into the same Question about Converting USB to TRS Cable to go into a Mixer or Interface that would SEND the Signal. Now from I understand The Reason that for instance a 3.55mm Jack has a TRRS (as opposed to TRS 2 Ring Stereo Cable) is because The Third Ring has to do with Sending Audio From a Microphone such a 3 Pin XLR Cable does. BUT Still, I Can use a Dynamic Or Condensor MIC of course with Male XLR connectors on it, Thru The XLR Cable, BUT Still, IF I dont have an Interface Or Mixer with an XLR INPUT, Thrn I have before Purchased a separate Female XLR To 1/4” Jack Adapter & Connected That to the other END of The XLR Cable, then Plugged the !/4” Jack Into The 1/4” INPUT On My Unit & YES, It WORKS, Nevertheless Without having to be TRRS like The  Femsle USB to 3.5mm TRRS. AND Food For Thought,  I Have 3.5mm Jack Headphone Receivers that I Plug into a Female 1/4” Adapter then into my Interface or Headphones Amp. SO Now with that Said, It seems to me that a 3 Pin XLR Balanced Cable AND The 3 55mm TRRS or even a 3.5mm  TRS , All Three Can do the same thing  it stands to Reason, HOWEVER The Only Way that I'm going to Find Out for Sure, is Science requires Discovery by TESTING It ones own self. The USB Female to 3.55mm Adapters are being described by the sellers as HEADPHONE OUT….and NOT Also MICROPHONE IN, & even for Onky CAR Radios that have the capability.  But hey, these Adapters Only Cost $8 or so, AND So what have I got to Lose by buying & trying? Nothing but $8 and Yet If I Have Success,  I Can Tell The World that It Works And If it Dont work, then I will have learned something & I can Still The World, and Success Favors the Bold, So take The Chance & do what You will with that MIC ,it already Ain't working correctly and You said it was FREE to You, so now's the time to Experiment. YES like the Man said, USB Mics require Drivers to operate BUT a 1/4” Guitar Cable to USB to The Computer does Not necessarily So Why would it be necessary the other way around from USB To 1/4” Into a Mixer? USE The PHANTOM POWER On The Interface Or Mixer (Because I have a BLUE Snowball Desktop Studio CONDENSOR Mi  ( And ALL Condensor Mics Require 48v Phantom Power BUT, Qusstion, Since Its a USB Mic Plugged into the USB Port of The Laptop,  DOES The LAPTOP Carry 48v Phantom Power??? Answer is NO SIR!, So then just WHAT Do Yiu Think The “DRIVERS" are about therefore? I Think Its to Give it the UMPH it Requires the same difference as 48v Phantom Power. So I'm gonna Buy that USB Female to 3.55mm Adapter BECAUSE I learned from My iRig2 AND My RODE Shotgun Smart Phone MIC that With The TRRS It Allows For BOTH Headphone Out AND MIC IN From What??? Answer Is from The HEADPHONE OUT… There is NO MIC IN on a Smart Phone Or Android Tablet, Not even on a iPhone Or IPad.They ALL Only Gave HEADPHONE OUT. . BUT The TRRS Jack's CONVERT Them To BOTH MIC IN As well as Headphone Out. So Go for It Man. Do Your Conversion, USB toThe XLR & Best Wishes on that & I hope it Works, (Make a Video Charting Your Steps then Share it with the rest of Us and The World If & When it does. I think Chances are on Our Side. You Nor I are ruining anything. AND You Can Always Buy Another USB Cable