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Post originale di: tlrinker ,


Okay. I tried the copper trick and had success for one day, but I had just cleaned the dishwasher with H2O2. The next day, not as good. I switched back to LemiShine and that worked for a few days. I left the copper in the washer but now I shoot a squirt of H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide 3%) on the door and walls before I start the dishwasher. No smell since.

I had tried vinegar, checked the pipes, cleaned the disposer, and pretty much everything in this thread. Since the machine goes through numerous wash cycles and a thorough rinse cycle, it would seem that the H2O2 is rinsed away, I only use a tablespoon or two and there doesn’t seem to be any adverse reaction with the detergent. I found a few references on the internet where they recommended using H2O2 with your detergent but you need to do your own research.  Alternatively, you may try a detergent like Cascade with OxiClean.

The first application of H2O2 was pretty heavy. I sprayed all the walls, door and poured a fourth to half cup in the drain area, then ran a normal cycle with no dishes.