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Post originale di: Avery Borowski ,


Screen is black but the phone is still functioning


So, my Moto E5 Plus was working fine until today, I was on my laptop and went to check something on it and the screen was completely black, nothing I did would make it turn back on. At first I assumed the phone just “gave up” but after charging it for awhile I was able to get a small response out of it, if I hold down the power button the phone vibrates like the power menu just came up. If I hold down volume down and power I can even get the phone to take a screenshot, it makes the sound and vibrates. Throughout all of this the screen stays completely black, no response. Do any of you know what might’ve caused this? I don’t remember dropping my phone or anything. And past that, how would I even go about fixing this? The phone’s not dead, the screen just stopped working for some reason.


Moto E5 Plus