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Post originale di: John van Dongen ,


Hi Shannon,

You can reset any Chromebook by pressing the keys (Esc + Refresh + Power) altogether, this will restart the Chromebook into the initial splash screen, this is the screen that gives you the serial number at the bottom.


Now! press (CTRL + D) twice then the ENTER key - this will turn off the developer mode and reformat the device which will take a few minutes or so, please ensure the Chromebook is mains powered before you start as this will prompt the machine into re-installing a new Operating System.

Before you begin the above!  Make sure that you transfer all your personal data to an SD-card first, as once the recovery process starts, all previous drive data will be erased while the machine re-formats and recovers the O/S.

Once the machine restarts it will be as new condition again, you will then be prompted to go sign in from the start.