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You’ve probably long-since dealt with this, but I recently had the same problem—I suspect many right-handed people will have this problem, since I suspect the problem is largely from adjusting your screen angle with your left; vice versa for the left-handed folks adjusting their screen with their right hand—and might as well share how I resolved it: I ordered new hinges off eBay—it was a little hard to find them (don’t buy anything that looks like your hinge cover/case with silver wings sticking out of the side; close, but that isn’t the right part), and when I did the cheapest set was $17—and, when they arrived, found a couple guides online about how to disassemble the ASUS C100P (you will need to open the screen case, the hinge case, and the body of the computer; you don’t need to fully remove the front of the computer if removing the cables to your keyboard and touchpad freaks you out a bit—just be careful!—since you only need access to the inside of your computer near the top) and replaced them myself.

The hinge design for the C100P is impractical as !&&*—the shape for the right hinge and the left are distinct, so you can’t just flip a RIGHT hinge and use it for your LEFT, if, for some reason, you have an extra right like I now do--there are two silver wings, the one which goes into your screen case—three screws and two holes that snap into the black plastic of your screen cover; make sure those are in place, I had to superglue repair one of those plastic-bits—is a bit more wing-shaped and the lower one—looks kind of like someone bent a puzzle-piece out of shape, almost; there’s four holes there and another divot that looks like it makes room for something else—both of which are connected to a dark bit of metal, that then looks a bit like a cable, and is held together by another silver piece with room for some screws (three).

The text engraved in my right-hand eBay hinge reads: SNR C100PA-R, which may be a part number. There’s no such thing on my old let-hand hinge, and I’m not entirely inclined to pop open my screen again just to have a look for part numbers.

Be careful during reassembly, I’m now dealing with an unresponsive touchscreen which may or may not be related (and which makes this thing pretty inconvenient and frustrating to use, but I digress).

Good luck!