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Post originale di: Jacob Hefferon ,


Rear camera not working, would like recommendations on parts


Hi all, small story time.

The rear of my phone was cracked.  I got it fixed by an authorized Samsung service center. (UbreakIfix)  They told me after the repair that the phone was still water resistant.  I took my phone to the pool, and someone decided to jump into the spa thoroughly soaking my phone.  Whatever, no big deal right? Just a splash.  Turns out the service center was wrong.  The device was no longer water resistant at all.  I quickly noticed that my fingerprint sensor stopped working, but the camera was working fine.  I turned the device off, and allowed it to air out in a dry environment for a few days.  When I turned it on, to my amazement, everything worked.  Both cameras functioned as normal, and the fingerprint sensor came back.  I guess there was still a small amount of water in the device because the camera stopped working by the end of the day.  I assume this is due to water damage.

Onto the question

I was planing on purchasing a new camera unit from iFixit but was disappointed to find out that they do not sell this part.  Does anyone know of another retailer that sells the part I need?  Also, is there another course of action that could have better prevented this.  I didn’t have any desiccants on hand, but I assume that could have helped a little.


Samsung Galaxy Note9