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Service manual states that method to refill SLS system is to run engine for approx. 1 minute at medium speed. While filling up, load vehicle rear in trunk with approx. 150 kg (330 pounds) or hold down so that level controller can be set to "filling".

'''Filling position is when the level controller valve arm is in the upper position (above horizontal).'''

Manual states system can also be filled with connecting rod disconnected on lever of level controller in position "F" (filling). For this purpose, run engine at medium speed for approx. 30 seconds. Then mount connecting rod again.

Summarizing this, it simply means '''the SLS level controller valve must be in the filling position (lever moved up) to allow circulation of hydraulic oil, to purge air from system.''' Engine running at "medium speed" (roughly 1,500 - 2,000 RPM) increases flow through the valve enabling the bleeding process to move air bubbles to oil reservoir. ''After servicing the SLS hydraulic system, If the vehicle is driven without any significant load in cargo area and bleeding process is not performed, rear suspension stability is compromised due to air accumulation in system.''