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I replaced the pump twice and cleaned the filter and hose to the drain. But  I still got a F02 code and notice the pump would continue going but nothing coming out of the hose.  Then i replaced the Water level pressure switch (easy job) but still got an F02 code.  I removed the top and back panel of the washer (easy process) and followed the rubber tubing from the Water level pressure switch to the back of the drum.  I removed the little screw holding the plastic attachment to the tub and looked in the hole.  The hole was plugged with a children’s sock. I scoped inside and found 3 more socks.  I removed the drain hose coming from the drum (thick and short black accordion -like hose connecting the tub to the filter) and reached in there an pulled out another sock. It appears small articles get drained into this hose and get stuck.  I removed the hose/filter/pump assembly and cleaned it all out and replaced. Machine runs like a charm now. The owners manual states to place small articles of clothing (children’s socks) into a garment bag when washing clothes. I cans see why. Those little buggers get sucked right down and get stuck  in the drum hose going to the pump.