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Post originale di: mattyjfromla ,


I’m using mine with Bluetooth kinda a pain in the ass but at least u can make and receive calls. There is a petition online to sue apple for knowing this would happen. Mine did the same thing about a month after warranty I wanted to smash it. It reset it tried several different things but nothing. I can replace the chip but it’s a very high level of difficulty but I guess it can’t hurt it’s broken it’s not gonna get any more broke unless you tear a ribbon cable or something. Sign the petition I will provide a link later today and get everyone that has iPhone 7 to do the same. Like I said use Bluetooth u can pick one up on offer up or letgo app for about 10$ and it at least works. It’s funny how videos play sound &&^&^$^ apple. They send those adds out to swap for new phone w credit but if it’s broken I believe they decemresmase your trade in value correct me if I’m wrong I know they do with screens but I’m sure the chip would way decrease the value when it’s there *!&*^#% fault. Sorry man it sucks I’ve been using Bluetooth for about three months and it’s irritating if I can find it or it’s not near by I miss calls all the Riemann good luck