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Wifi and Bluetooth not working after water damage


I dropped my iPhone 4 in coffee. I powered it down and rinsed it real good with water. I of course removed the sim and battery. I dipped the phone in 99% alcohol.   I thought this was best since I use cream and sugar in my coffee. Then did the rice thing to dry it out. It worked great except the screen is a little cloudy but that seems to be getting better so no worries there. My issue is that now the Wifi is grayed out and my Bluetooth doesn't work either.  It looks like it tries to go to the 2nd screen on Bluetooth but the little wheel just keeps spinning. I did a restore and that didn't help.  Do I need to replace the antenna?  I just got the phone 6 months ago so I'm not due for an upgrade.  I think it is still eligible for the Out Of Warranty replacement with Apple but I wanted to try a less expensive solution first.


iPhone 4