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If the screen is coming loose then that can be down to a coupleof factors which I’ll list below:

# The screen wasn’t ‘clipped in’ in the first place
# The battery has swollen and will not allow the screen to clip in properly
# The internal housing is damaged, preventing it from securing

The first instance is very easy to sort, you simply have to press down on the screen until you hear a clicking sound, which means your panel is now secured and should not come loose.

The second option, while an expense, is fairly cheap to sort and just requires replacing of the battery. Note, you should '''only''' do this if there is actually a bulge on the battery rendering it non-smooth and visually larger in the center. If it isn’t bulging, just ensure that the battery is fixed to the back of the casing with proper adhesive such as [product|IF268-025|this].

The thirdissue is a lot more indepth, requiring an entirely new body for your phone which would be both an expense and a pain to transfer over all of the motherboard, cameras etc and is roughly an hour procedure if you are following the appropriate teardown [guide|48170|guide].