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Original post by: JChan ,


Samsung galaxy wont charge without rebooting


My Samsung Galaxy S7 recently developed a problem where it will not charge unless it has been rebooted. As soon as I reboot the phone it can charge again but if I unplug it and start using it again, it will not charge again unless it is rebooted. I have tried multiple cables, wall chargers and tried plugging it into computers. It will not establish any connection unless it has been rebooted and I plug it back in as soon as it is back up.

It also needs to be unplugged when it is rebooted and plugged in only when booted back to the home screen. If it is plugged in while rebooting, it will not work.

When testing recently, the battery charge has still been relatively high, between 70 and 80% before I tried plugging it in to charge again. I haven’t tested it when the phone charge is very low.

Software appears to be up to date. Current version is G930W8VLS6CSC1

Model: SM-G930W8

The problem must be software as it does have the capacity to charge, but only when restarted. Has anyone encountered this problem before or have any insight as to how to resolve this?


Samsung Galaxy S7