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iPhone 7 Charge Only When Off - NO Tristar NO Tigris


Hi Everyone, HI @refectio  SIR..

I have an iphone 7 Stuck On Apple Logo.

I change Tristar and phone Turn On perfectly, working almost perfectly but there is only one problem Dont Charge.

Charge only when power Off.

DCPS amps are regular.

When i turn on the phone (during booting) phone charge perfectly (for 4/6 sec) and immedialtly show 0,00 AMP.

If i power off, charge perfectly.

I change two time Tristar, change also Tigris, but same problem.

I check every voltage around tristar , battery Connector and Tigris.

Every voltage compare with Schematic is OK.

I try to change also Battery Connector on mother board, but no improvment.

And  obviously i m trying with a good Dock , battery and charger.

Thanks a lot GUYS for attention.


iPhone 7