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Securing and keeping track of those tiny screws:

# '''''Before'' removing ''any'' screws from ''any'' device:'''
** Read through the guide!
** Write down the each '''step ''number''''' that has screw removals
# Beside that '''''step number''''':
** Write the '''screw ''sizes'''''
** Write '''''totals''''' for each '''''size'''''
# Create a “'''''tack strip'''''”:
** A strip of masking tape, long enough for each step with screw removal
** Secure the “'''''tack strip'''''”your work surface, '''STICKY side UP'''
# I secure the “'''''tack strip'''''” to the work surface along its top '''and''' bottom with more masking tape pieces.
# On the top strip:
** Write the step number
** Write the other info about the screws
# Draw a line from the top strip, '''across''' the “'''''tack strip'''''”, and all the way to the bottom strip.

Additional tip: ''Do not work over a carpet!'' ;+)