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Post originale di: Chris Jones ,


I’ve been reading this thread and the Y Spitter solution. I am 100%  sure this is just grounding the temperature sense data pin 11 on the sata power plug to the hard drive.  These sata power splitters and the connections on a standard ATX power supply tend to be be wired with 5 x 3 sets of pins bridged together. 3.3v , gnd, 5v, gnd, 12v.

The 3 pins 10, 11, 12 in one of these splitters are all grounded. Maybe grounding this temp sense pin 11 shuts the fan up. I wonder what apple do in the late 2012+ models when it is a blade only SSD only model with no standard drive.

My other reading implies that in the pre 2012 models there was a blanking jumper plug that was sometimes put in the unsued sata power port to keep the SMC happy with no drive present.

Standard sata power wiring.


Sorry if this has been answered I just thought my thoughts may be useful to anyone stumbling across this tread like i did.