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Missing sounds/frequencies when listening to audio on speakers.


I used to have a Gen 2 and on it this didn't happen. Now with my Gen 3 there's a problem.

When I listen to certain songs, certain sounds/instruments can't be heard through the speaker, which one would otherwise hear clearly. This happens on any app, I've tried Youtube, Poweramp and Google Music. When I plug in my headhones however, I can hear the missing sounds/frequencies just fine.  This doesn't have anything to do with Mono/Stereo issues, because the missing sound is normally heard on both sides. Equalizer settings don't seem to have an effect.

Now sometimes, this is really bad. For example, in this song, and most of the album it's on, I can't hear the melody guitar on speaker, but I can hear the rhythm/chord guitar. For example: [|++]

In that song you can hear a guitar doing chords, and 10 seconds in you can hear another guitar doing different melodies. I can hear the melody guitar just fine at the start on my phone, but then at 0:18 it just completely disappears. I put my ear all the way up to it and can't hear it, even though it's quite easy to hear. I hate this because it's a main melody of the song[|,] I should be able to hear it[|.] 

My android version is 6.0, and it's not rooted or anything. The phone's very new.



Motorola Moto G 3rd Generation