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Post originale di: Minho ,


It’s pretty rare for the PMIC to go bad. At this point, your phone is suffering from “fake charging” and that is typically a Tristar issue. Even though you have tried a few to date, it is possible you got a bad batch.

However, let’s take a step back. The problem occurred when the client tried cleaning out the charge port. They probably shorted some pins inside the port and that caused damage on the logic board. So I would check the following pins to see if there are any issues.


These are fed directly by the charge port and I would be concerned that one of the traces may have been damaged. Start by probing in diode mode with the Tristar in place. There are test points for these or you can go on the dock connector. If the readings are weird, then remove Tristar and test for continuity between the dock connector and the pads.

If that looks good, then go to the Tigris circuit and check how TIGRIS_ACTIVE_DIODE is behaving by measuring the voltage. When a charger is plugged in, it should read HIGH (~VDD_MAIN) and when the charger is disconnected, it should read LOW (0V). Finally, check C2105. If the Tigris circuit is working properly in charge mode, pin 1 of the capacitor should have ~2X VDD_MAIN (~9V). that tells you the switcher is working properly.