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I have a 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo straight 6 I’m not  mechanic by far so please I have to ask questions since the Jeep is all I ha e to drive and Its up to me to get it fixed I guess since I have know help by hand because I guess friends and so called friends are more important then our family itself so please I’ve been laughed in my face enough I need a little help I know very little about motors but I do know a little from helping daddy when I was growing up thank god which is very sick with C.O.P.D . Last stage that is I have to take him back and fourth to the doctor and everything in this Jeep so now all that being said all I’m asking is for a little help no hand outs I’m willing to try like !&&* on my own if there is a will there is a way is what I believe….. thanks to god that is ………