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On my Samsung,I had 3 SMALL vertical lines-2 in the center,1 on the left.After investigating,turns out it was the ribbon cables going into the screen. I needed to remove the bezel and top of the screen frame to access the ribbons and gently “diddle” them.The lines would disappear,and by placing a cardboard wedge under the ribbon,it would ultimately “fix” the lines.However,I do resell these sets,and dont want a cheesy fix TV coming back to me. A new t-con board wouldnt fix these lines. Basically,once you start seeing lines,your LCD panel has gone bad.Anything from the video driver boards on can not be replaced as they are hard wired and pressed at the factory.Diddling the ribbons into your screen panel itself may work,but its a cheesy fix.Im going to scrap this TV out.