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Post originale di: Minho ,


So my question is … what was the original repair for? What were you doing when you accidentally ripped the connector off? That may give you some clues as to why the phone  isn’t starting.

I haven’t worked on a lot of iPhone 4’s  but here are my thoughts…

* There is no continuity between pins 2 and 3, they are separate circuits.
* The capacitors are so small that you wont really see the charging effect. They are full charged by the time your meter can update the value.
* The same applies on discharge,
* Using diode mode gives you a different reference point, something that can be used in a comparative fashion which helps in troubleshooting.
* There is a possibility that while you see continuity between the connector post and the test point, the actual trace to goes to the components underneath the shield are damaged. You would have to remove the shield to check continuity up to those components.
* Finally, you say you struggled a bit. It is possible that applying too much heat caused issues with the main IC’s (CPU, NAND, PMIC etc). iPhone logic boards are very thin and heat travels very quickly. Too much heat and you could have shorts underneath the IC’s. If all else fails, start probing the PMIC output rails to see if any are shorted.