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A strip of toushscreen randomly goes off


Weird thing. After I slightly droped my iPad (on it’s back) I started noticing unpleasant behaviour - a vertical “strip” of digitizer periodically turns off with no impact from outside. I simply hold it and slightly touch the screen, and 1 time it works flawlessly, 1 time doesn’t at all

But if I do a hard reset (home + power buttons) the issue is seemingly gone. For some time…

I opened it up and reconnected the digitizer connector, but it seems to get worse

Does that signal the screen is broken (visually it’s absolutely ok) or do digitizers die instantly? Can’t get whether it’s time to get a replacement or is it software/connector related. And is there a cure aside from replacement (heating it, for instance)?

OS restore is unlikely to happen as I’ve got Jailbreak and plenty of tweaks I’ll not be able to reinstall (Cydia is down).


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