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Potential water damage to camera.


I have a samsung galaxy j7 SKY Pro, but there was not a category for it so I'm hoping someone can help in this section.

I dropped my phone in a puddle while out doing field work.  Only the top portion got wet and i dried it off as best as possible. Unfortunately, I was in the middle of nowhere when it happened in the rain so any chance of putting it in rice or taking it apart in a safe dry environment had to wait until that night when I got back to civilization.

Stored it in rice overnight. Everything is working fine except for my cameras.  I rely heavily on my cameras for data collection photos, so I would like them to be functioning again. I get a “Warning: Camera failed message” and then the program closes.

I've tried looking up tutorials for my phone, but all of them are for the plain s7's or other renditions of the Samsung galaxy's and I don't have the same prompt options they have listed.

I can take a bird apart and put it back together in fine working order, but I don't know anything about the inner workings of electronics. Does anyone know if this is more likely a software issue or a hardware issue? The closest repair shop that does phones is over an hour away and always closed when I get off work. My husband has gamely volunteered to buy a new camera and try to replace it for me but I wanted to exhaust my software options before I opened it up.

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!


Samsung J7 Pro