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If you mean by fix your switch. It can be replaced. But, without a parts number to reference, locating a replacement part is very harder to find.

The only source I've found to locate a used part so far is, the "HTC PB00100 (Verizon) ERIS", which uses the same exact switch, for it's volume up/down function, and, can sometime be obtained fairly cheep on eBay, as junk.

I'm sure Digikey carries something, if not an exact replacement, but, without a part number, is a fishing trip, without bate.

The switch itself, is a "very tiny" plastic, 4 lead spst, push to activate, side mount, about the width of a T-15 torx head tool. Very subject to heat damage.

The actual replacement requires SMA soldering skills (re-flow soldering technique), a good eye (a large magnification lens helps), and steady handed nerves.

The Logic board pad area, also needs to be "reconditioned" to accept regular solder, prior to installation (I've no idea what the OEM used as solder, but, it's hard to melt and re-solder anything to is almost impossible). Also, clean and re-tin the switch leads, leaving a very small amount of new solder on the leads.I recommend using.022 silver bearing solder, (it use to be available as Radio Shack as 64-013) the small gage solder allows for more control over the flow.

Once the board and switch are conditioned, place the new switch over it's correct location on the board. Hold it in position with a pair of tweezers, just enough pressure so it doesn't shift. I can't over stress not to over heat the part. The soldering gun need to be a temperature controlled unit set at low to moderate temperature, clean and wet (wet=clean shiny tip, conditioned with a light coat of fresh solder).

Touch only 1 switch lead to tack the part into place, recheck the parts location before moving on to the next lead. Once you sure of the parts position tack the remaining leads. Once all 4 leads are secure, add just enough solder, to almost cover the lead (again watch the heat). Done!

If it went well, the switch should still function. If it's in the correct position, the off-set plastic "power button", should activate the switch without breaking the switches tang off.

Reassemble the unit, call your broker.