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IMHO after 50 years of being involved with electronics,  the lightning port is not a really good design in the service for which it is intended.[br]

- picking up fluff/grit and hiding it (yes I have had this)[br]

- very little tension on the eight very small contacts[br]

-quite large forces can be applied to the contacts in the charging port by the connector being pushed up & down or from side to side, damaging the innards of the port.[br]

-leads are replaced by after market leads which may not meet the mechanical requirements causing insufficient contact tension ( some after market leads that I have had, have little or no gold plating)[br]


All this will lead to non charging and or the “may not be supported” message.[br]


Do NOT buy the cheapest replacement leads. They will fail early & give you nothing but trouble.[br]

Do NOT put pressure on the leads.  Preferably do NOT use the phone when you are charging it.[br]

See if some enterprising manufacturer in China will come up with a after marked rubber bung that blocks the charging port when not in use.[br]

If a new, good brand replacement still gives you a problem, change the charging port (easy & not expensive if you do it yourself).[br]