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Fridge and freezer cold enough but compressor is still running



I have a GE profile fridge. The temperature readings on it are showing to be 0 on the freezer and 37 on the fridge. Which are the values I have them set on.

however, it seems the fridge is always running. I have increased the fridge to 42 and it will still run. I increased the freezer to 4 and it will shut off. When I close the door, I can here the damper fan running in the fridge.

The other thing I have noticed is the evaporator fan does not run when the compressor is running. Is that normal? I have seen it run before, when I Dethaw the fridge/freezer. I know the fan works. The coils are a a bit iced over but not a solid ice block.(

Any ideas?

thank you,



Ge Profile refregerator