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Well that would depend on how much you are wanting and willing to spend. THere is always a low medium and high scale for any type of work that we do on our cars. Like I teach my young adult kids, you get what you pay for, but if your doing the work yourself spend that little bit of extra because you are still saving from the cost of the mechanic any ways. Therefore,  low scale I would probable say you can go to Walmart and get I believe Fram or I believe one by one of the major oil companies. Midscale would beI believe Dennis Kirk (They also make motorcycles from what I remember my son ordering his helmet from). High end I believe could be something that states High Performance or one through VW itself. I might be a little of on the exact name, but I know I am steering you in the correct location. I do hope that this info helps to the utmost, and personally I would go midlevel not dealership as the car is 11 years old and the dealership will price gouge you, That is coming from my son as he told previously. Bestof luck.