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Post originale di: kipeterson92840 ,


Well there is 2 ways you could answer this question. You could use the traditional oil that the manual tells you to use, or if this were me. I would look at the year of my car and the mileage and then I would have to assess it from there. You do have a car that is 11 years old, but may not have a large amount of miles on it. If there is a large amount of miles on the car, you are going to want to switch to either  the traditional 5/30w , 10/30w or 10/40w  but high mileage. This will help the engine due to the fact that it is up there in mileage so it coats the engine a little bit better. Please REMEMBER check the OWNERS MANUAL if you are not sure on the proper weight of the oil. THen use that weight and add the High Mileage.