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Phil I doubt that it will work. However many Apple LCDs are LG's it may be possible through cross referencing part numbers to see if it will or if there is another one out there, even of a different brand that will give you the desired results. You have a good start by having their manufacturer's part number. Most importantly you need the manufacture's part number for your particular MBP. If you don't have it you can get it off of the actual lCD. Instructions for your LCD removal are [guide|1287|here.] I would try googling cross referencing LCDs,  you will find a number of sites out there that do that. Also googling the manufacture's part numbers you have etc... add words such as cross reference with the MPN. Perhaps you will get lucky. The pinout on your particular LCD matches the pinout of your video cable. If you can't find another lCD with the same pinout assignment and socket size you won't be able to do it. I would say the pinout assignment for your LCD would be in the data sheet for it. You should be able to find that on the WEB.

Your best and most economical solution is going to be to sell your MBP and buy the newer model with the screen you want. When you take the price of the newer MBP and subtract from it the value of your MBP and the cost of the new LCD (if you find one). Remember to include the 5 - 15+ hours of your time you will spend trying to find a replacement LCD and your time for uninstalling and installing LCDs into the cost of the new LCD.