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For my dryer it turned out to be the thermal fuse and the  high limit thermostat (temperature regulator).  For the novice I cannot stress this enough… DO NOT JUMP THE FUSE except for testing.  The purpose of this thermal fuse is to melt (on the inside) if the high limit thermostat sticks in the closed position.   If the thermostat stick in the open position the heat will never turn on.  If the thermostat sticks in the closed position the heat will never turn off.  Therein lies the danger.  the thermostat is supposed to heat the fryer to around 150 deg F… the fuse will blow at about 190 deg F, thereby saving your clothes, laundry room and house.  Many places sell these as a set. My set cost $14.  Please do not operate the dryer with this fuse jumped.  This $10 part, when bypassed, could cost thousands of dollars and even someone’s life.  I just wanted to put this warning out there.  The manuals that I read didn’t mention it.