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Right bumper only works when pressed very firmly


So the problem that I am having with my controller is this. When I depress the right bumper like I normally would it doesn’t seem to work. When I say “normal” my finger typically rests on the outer 50% of the bumper and typically no further towards the midline of the controller. Only when I press it '''''very''''' firmly is the signal then conveyed to the Xbox. In comparison, by pressing down the left bumper on either of the very edges (as well as the middle) the signal is properly conveyed as it should be with just the normal amount of pressure required to depress the bumper. If I had to estimate I would say that it requires roughly 3 times the pressing force to activate the signal from the right bumper in comparison to the left.

At this point I am past my warranty and have already decided to take the controller apart to see if I could locate the problem myself. The levers themelves leading to the tactile switches look to be identical on either side leading me to believe that they are not responsible for the issue. My question then becomes what is the likliehood that it is the tactile switch itself that is the problem? Is there a possibility it is anything else that could be the culprit? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!


Xbox One Wireless Controller Model 1708