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Post originale di: Beth Ensign ,


Hmm. I have tried all the various things listed here, short of checking voltage, because I do not have a tool to do that. My Whirlpool gold series WDT780SAEM1 was interrupted recently by a power surge during its cycle: its  “resume” light was flashing, so I pushed that, and it seemed to resume, but in fact merely cycled briefly and then shut down completely. No lights on the control panel, no response. This happened one time earlier this summer, and after some VERY unsuccessful calls to Whirlpool customer service, somebody gave me a code to push, which I pushed, and the machine came back on and seemed to work fine until this latest power interruption. I could not remember the code. I called Whirlpool who disavowed all knowledge of ANY code. I scoured the internet looking for codes. This site offered some. I tried them. Nothing. No response, no lights, nothing at all. This dishwasher is less than 2 years old. I concur with the person who stated that Whirlpool is junk. That is all.