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'''''“These are BRASS parts, which are are designed to seal BRASS or NYLON TUBING only, and they are only to be used to provide a separable joint and a seal against internal leakage, and certainly NOT to join steel parts together to keep them together against pulling forces.'''''

'''''Brass is MUCH weaker than steel-and much less resistant to abrasion/wear.”'''''

Ummmm……they make STEEL compression unions that would work as he describes above. For a low demand home tractor it would probably work and last for years.

I’m going with adjustable drag links though….then I can easily make adjustments to keep the toe in check. Also, although I said the compression unions might work fine, I’d only consider that a stopgap or short term repair until it could be done right. I don’t believe in cutting one long piece that’s been engineered with the bends, etc. in mind into 2 shorter pieces that might eventually twist or turn separately out of line with the way they were supposed to be and just create frequent repositioning issues or other steering issues.

Another thing is the majority of time these require replacing the connecting ends (so called “ball joints”) are mostly worn out and need to be changed anyway and they’re all part of the one unit.