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Original post by: Mac ,


No one wants to be straight forward.

Yes .by replacing the

Logic Board/(Motherboard)

You can turn it into a new working device. If your worried about keeping your old content u should have and k ow your own icloud set up if not you'll risk locking it up again.

Also you can build the phone from scratch outside the USA easily.

Stateside you'll have to find retailers who'll resale the parts. A lot of places won't but there are some who will.

There's a Market for building and repairing phones don't let the 1 percenters and mass consumers

Know tho cause then it'll ruin it for tech junkies..

See ya good luck do it at your own skill set and be sure research first if you don't know how and if u have a apple product the instruction booklet gives you blue prints. And reae down and repair instructions.

Have fun!