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My intel iMac will not boot past white screen


I have tried the usual commands everyone suggests but I get nothing. I used to get the flashing question mark in folder at boot. Then after trying the keyboard combos (Every single one to ever exist it seems) I got this dreaded white screen.

It goes like this:

1. Boot chime

2. White screen (Peripherals don't work)

3. White screen still (Peripherals begin to work, but this is normal as this is how long it would take usually to boot)

4. Peripherals working and white screen. Nothing more

The only thing i get an effect with is the reset of PRAM as it restarts twice like it's meant to. I have files on there I want but no backup (I know I was stupid to not backup) Any suggestions, Any suggestions at all are a huge help so It is greatly appreciated. This is the 2nd week trying to fix it and I am hoping the white screen is an LCD issue but I have no clue. Please don't mention peripherals causing issues as I have tried the apple ones that came with this iMac and I have tried no peripherals at all.

Thanks to those who reply.


iMac Intel 24" EMC 2134 and 2211