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Hello Greg,

Your issue most likely is just a poor battery replacement. I do not know if you took it to Apple or did it yourself, but it is most likely the battery. The U2 IC chip would be the issue if once the phone died, even when plugged in and showing charging, would not want to power up, or charge very, very slowly. If you did the repair yourself, I would recommend ordering a new battery from iFixit or another site like Fixez. If Apple did the repair, then it may be a one in a million issue of a bad battery. The issue of your lightning cable not working is most likely because it is not the original Apple charger. Im not saying that you need to go drop $30 dollars on Apples cheap and overpriced cables, but if you are going to get a cable that wants to work, order one that is "MFi Certified". I would personally recommend Anker.

Hope this helps!