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Post originale di: Ron Murch ,



After spending most of a day upgrading my PC to Windows 10 Build 1803, 64 Bit, and, in the process, updating iTunes to the Windows app version, I was quite frustrated to learn that almost all of the newer versions of iTunes (after about 12.5, including the app on the Windows Store) will not connect with my iPod 1G.  %#*@ shame as the iPod continues to work very reliably.  I tried several versions of iTunes and a variety of drivers and other diagnostics.  Nothing helped - until I found iTunes 12.2.2 at  I installed that version (run the downloaded install file As Administrator), and presto!  My iPod connected and was fully functional.  Yay!!

I tried a lot of different approaches but this is what finally worked for me.  I hope it is of some help tom others.