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Post originale di: pranavanand1 ,


Hi all,

I just figured out how to solve your bt issue - stable blue light-not switching on or off. BTW, I have iball Pulse and I face this issue today and yesterday. So I read online that we should first let the battery finish and then charge and reuse it. So I did that yesterday. However, I faced the same stable blue light issue today. So, then I started exploring on my own. So I tried to connect my iball Pulse with my laptop,but it didn't catch. So I tried to switch of the Bluetooth from settings and restarted my hp laptop. But it didn't work. But here is what worked:

I went into settings-Bluetooth devices-Unistalled BT device-iball Pulse and then reinstalled the same Bluetooth device. This removed the stable blue light from appearing again and then a stable blue light appeared after it was finally connected. So I guess this resolved the issue. This issue might have been because recently my computer windows was updated. Maybe due to some or other reasons this issue occured but as of now there is no issue at all.

I hope this is helpful to you too. :)