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Having this problem screen blackouts for @15 seconds then comes on but looks like night display you see on Google maps etc after restart it's back to normal till the next time. It also had  started giving me  error messages these 2 are the most frequent ones"Google has stopped working" "Google maps has stopped working" these errors come up sometimes 20 times in a row and at anytime even if I'm just doing offline stuff and I figured uninstall maps but didn't fix anything anyone have any ideas this tablet is a Samsung Galaxy tab 4 mini 7" model SM-T330NU android version 5.1.1 so if anyone can help who has had the problem or knows the fix please let me know I don't want the possible scenarios or the try this to see if it works I have done 100 different what it's already and really dont want to try anymore I'm not trying to be snooty or rude just really fed up with this BS and Samsung techs have made it worse by not being any help what so ever Thank you in advance for even just taking your time to read my sob story lol