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Post originale di: Robert G ,


MacBook Pro turns off when applying light pressure to case


I have this issue with my mac, and its that when i apply slight pressure to the case some black squares appear on screen and will turn of or freeze completely.

Already performed this troubleshooting.

1. Opened the MacBook and check for any damage.

2. Noticed that once the lower case door is removed I see that the area near the RAM slots i slightly pressed the issue appears.

3. Tested different RAM modules, even new ones.

4. Loose a little the screws of the RAM slots.

5. Transferred the motherboard to a different housing

6. Removed the thick stickers between the RAM module and the keyboard and also this same sticker from the back door.

MacBook will operate properly if no pressure is applied, but if you close the screen you can see the black squares.


MacBook Pro 13" Unibody Mid 2012