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My monitor keep losing signal


Hello to everyone reading this,

i just did buy a new computer :

amd 3 ryzen 2200g vega graphics

hyperx (4gbx2) 3200mhz

Gigabyte psu 650

gigabyte ab-350 gaming 3

toshiba 1tb

i did have some problem installing the graphics drivers when windows crashs

i did find the problem is lowering the memor clock rate. But this is not my problem now.

well my monitor did have this problem once i did just turn it on with the pc,

from once in a while sometimes every 3 min for like half an hours its turn into white noise with no sound and it does not show me display until i turn off the monitor ans switch it back on. I did try to set the monitor manually, also i did try to change my dvi cable

i dont know the problem, could someone please help me.


Samsung Display