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ok so you have replaced the battery have you replaced the lightning dock ? whilst it may be showing the icon for charging the dock may be damaged not passing enough amps. Have you got a usb amp meter if so whats the amps that the iPhone draws when on charge ? from. battery pack a healthy level would be 0.8 to 1.0 amps if the figure remains stable.

If not drawing amps then it could be u2/tristar. Easy test take the battery out charge in another phone or battery charger make sure it works in another phone then put it back in the damaged one and connect a new dock if it boots then sorted.

Other option could be the previous repair has been so bad they have damaged or knocked of components maybe near the battery connector or maybe the battery connector itself could have a problem and needs to be replaced. I had an iPhone 5s with exact same problem and I had to replace the batter connector to get it working again.