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Phone stuck in Battery Dead / Apple Logo Boot Loop


Ok so serious help needed. I do a lot of iPhone repairs and recently some one came to me with a broken IPhone 6 Plus. Screen was cracked with no signs of life, he had taken it to a shop who claimed the Antenna was broken and it would cost £600 to repair. (Have to wonder how these shops stay in business.)

Anyways I ordered a new LCD and went to fit it only to find the shop had physically cut the cables to the LCD, Digitizer, Speaker and Camera. (You could literally just remove the screen without removing the shield covering the connectors, the battery was also rather bent up)

So I replaced the LCD, Digitizer, Speaker etc and Voila phone boots... then dies showing the dead battery icon then boots again. My first thought was battery is stuck trying to boot and then booting to fast and dieing so I put the phone in DFU Mode for a few hours. This yielded the same thing, the battery appears to have taken no charge.

So I brought a new Battery and fitted it assuming that the old bent battery was dead. (When removing the old battery I did notice it was damaged and smelled horrendous so blown). I fitted the new battery but again I have the same thing. Plug in... Red Battery dead icon... Instant Apple Logo and Booting... Black Screen... Battery Dead Icon.... Rinse repeat.

I have tried booting with the camera and screen off in case the cheap replacement was sucking too much power but this gave me iTunes error 9 and appeared to have the same issue. (not that I could see the screen)

I have tried to update but it won't work, restoring is not an option as the contents will be lost and the person I'm fixing it for desperately needs the content.

I've fixed 100's of iphones and never had this issue so any suggestions would be highly appreciated.

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iPhone 6 Plus