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Post originale di: Craig Curry ,


Help, phone won't turn on after daughterboard replacement


Hi all.  So my Pixel XL had the well-chronicled microphone not working/no vibration combination that had become problematic enough I decided to swap out the daughterboard.  I'd never opened a phone sealed with adhesive (previous phone repairs had clips) and while removing the screen worked the tool too deep and damaged the digitizer ribbon cable/cracked the screen.  I ordered a new digitizer/screen assembly, replaced the daughterboard and screen and tried to fire up the phone but no luck.

Upon pressing the power button the phone makes the faint vibration sound it should when turning it on but there is no display and the phone doesn't appear to begin booting or anything (reminds me of starting a computer when the cpu's improperly seated). I realize this is difficult without seeing the phone but where should I start? I've already reseated all the connections I unplugged during the repair more than once.  Thanks in advance for any help!


Google Pixel XL