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Post originale di: Holt Stuart-Hitchcox ,


Power button won't work.


My cat knocked a glass of water onto my 3ds, but very little of it got on the machine itself. I dried it off at the time and turned it off, and when I turned it on again later in the day it was holding the R button by default and the power button would not allow me to turn it off. I took the battery out to cut the power, however since then it would not power on again.

When I plug it in, it turns orange to indicate charging but other than that it does nothing at all. Can not power it back on. I took it apart and there is no evidence of water damage whatsoever, and there wasn't even any moisture in it.

The fact that I couldn't use the power button to turn it off suggested to me that it was a broken power button rather that an issue with the power in general. Suggestions?


Nintendo 3DS XL 2015