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Post originale di: Corey Perry ,


Why is my force touch so sensitive after replacing?


I’ve had my iWatch S1 for about 2 years now. A few weeks ago, the screen popped off, so I taped the screen to the frame with scotch tape and put a case on it until I could get adhesive. I noticed that the force touch was not responding as it should. I would almost have to force my finger through the screen to get it to work. So I went ahead and ordered a new force touch sensor, it said that it came with the screen adhesive so I didn’t bother ordering additional adhesive, so I replaced it just a few days ago and now the force touch is extremely sensitive and the adhesive is not holding up. So I’ve got adhesive on the way. Is it sensitive because I don’t have adhesive between the screen and sensor, or could it be something else?


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