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I used the iPhone 3G/3Gs adhesive kit. I did have to modify them a little to make them fit properly. If you can find a seller of the 3M 300LSE in a small sheet, that's the best bet and you can cut your own. I ended up using the 3G lower piece around the home button area, but custom cut the side strips and the areas around the ear piece/cameras.

Another thing to note is that you MUST cut extremely thin strips to run down the long sides of the frame (this isn't usually necessary on the 3G series iphones) or the glass will not seat tightly into the midframe.

The iPod touch repair is not like the iPhone 3G/3Gs series in any way. The disassembly guide here is pretty good, but you must take things slow or you will cause damage to other components.

When you buy the replacement part make sure you get the LCD/Digitizer as a single piece. It costs over twice as much to buy it this way, but you'll need to replace both even though your LCD may be working. They are fused together like the iPhone 4.