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I replaced the screen on my 10.5 myself while using the tear down as a bit of a road map.  I ordered a replacement screen from another website for far less than what Apple charges for the repair and couldn’t be happier.  The quality is exactly the same and the enhanced 120hz mode still works flawlessly.

Since your screen is already broken, there really isn’t a lot of risk of damaging much if you pay attention to where antenna wires, etc. were found in the tear down.  The most sensitive work was disconnecting the old screen, connecting the new one, and *carefully* transferring my home button from the broken screen to the new one.  I recommend buying a roll of the screen adhesive tape to use for both resecuring the home button and the screen.

Go slow and look over the tear down every time you’re unsure and at every step of the process.  Close examination of the pictures will help immensely.